Law School Admission Council GPA Calculator

LSAC GPA Calculator, also known as CAS Law School GPA Calculator is used for calculating the law school admission council GPA and its hours according to the grade.

Instructions on how to Use the GPA Calculator and the LSAC Grade Conversion Used on this GPA are below Please scroll down to Read.

Letter Grade
Percent Grade
5 Point
4 Passing
3 Passing
Credits Units
Total Credits:

How to use the Law School GPA Calculator

Most schools only use one grading system, while some use the percentage system.

So to calculate your law school GPA, you will probably only use the grading instead of the percentage%. Take the simple steps below to calculator your  CAS / LSAC GPA

CAS LAW School GPA Calculation Step

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To start calculating your LSAC or CAS Law School GPA, first find out your Credit Units or hours, because that’s what’s used for the Cas Law School Calculation.

After finding and taking note of the Credit hours, now you would have to input them into the field according to your grades. (For example, if you had an A in English on the 3 Credits Course input 3 under the A field.)

NOTE: if your school uses letter grades, you would input your grades all under the Letter which is the first column.

Or if your school uses percentages, but you also did a semester abroad where they had a High Pass / Pass / Low Pass / Fail system, you would put most of your grades under Percent and the grades from abroad under Three Passing.

Do Law Schools Look at Transcripts

The simple answer to this is yes because law schools are interested in the grades on a candidate’s transcript because undergraduate grades are a reliable measure of academic performance in law school.

LSAC Grade Conversion Table

Below is the LSAC grade Conversion Table Used in the above GPA calculator.

LSAC Conversion to 4.0 Scale 
GradesA to F1 to 5100-0 (see note below table)Four Passing GradesThree Passing Grades
4.33A+1+98-100Highest Passing Grade (4.0)Highest Passing Grade (4.0)
3.33B+2+87-89Second Highest Passing Grade (3.0)Middle Passing Grade (3.0)
2.33C+3+77-79Third Highest Passing Grade (2.0)Lowest Passing Grade (2.0)
1.33D+4+67-69Lowest Passing Grade (1.0) 
0.50DE or DF  
0.00E and F5Below 60Failure (0.00)Failure (0.00)

Quick Notes: On CAS Law School GPA

  1. Punitive withdrawals count as “Fail“.
  2. In Pass/Fail courses, passes do not count but fails DO count.
  3. For retaken classes, both the original and the retake grades count if they’re both on the transcript.
  4. Quarter credit hours only count as 2/3 of semester credit hours.
  5. See the LSAC Grade Conversion table below.
  6. Or Go to this page on LSAC’s site to see full guidelines.

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